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OVERVIEW is a globally trusted certificate authority expanding the boundaries of encryption and authentication relied upon by users worldwide. Founded in 2002, they have grown to be used in over 120 countries by leading organizations and governments of all sizes. I build data-driven SaaS solution focused on conversion rate and user happiness to support thousands of clients every day.


Market Research, Client Interviews, User Journey, Wireframing, User Experience, 
User Interface, Design Handoff

CLIENT / (United States)


Lack of technical awareness caused fear of purchasing the selected certificate. Reconciling the interests of individual and institutional clients who needed a different user experience to buy & manage certificates.

image case study product designer praca

wireframes prototypes

design prototypes

final design and case study


Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the customer, it was possible to change the entire purchasing process and help individual customers buy a specific certificate much easier. In Web App we made additional functionality to the control of institutional clients for controlling large amounts of certificates which saves a lot of time for company big clients.


Green | Orange | Gray | White


Paper, Figma, Miro, Protopie, FlowMapp


– 14 days Market Analysis & Reseach
– 100 Interviews and 200 Surveys
– User Journey and User Flow Maps
– Scalable UI Complonents and UIKit
– 70+ new Figma screens
– Clickable Prototypes
– Full Design Handoff to Developers

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