AI Medical Literature Review Platform

Projects in which I helped clients resolved their challenges


Researchably enables do biomedical research much smarter & faster than traditional methods, so now you can worry less about searching and focus on helping your colleagues and stay informed. Researchably AI engine reads the full-text of research articles, leveraging every detail including figures, tables & images. This speedup research process 5 times faster.


User Research, AI Model Analysis, Cardsorting,
User Stories, User Flows, Wireframing, Visual Design


Researchably / Sanofi (United States / Hongkong)


The trick was to remodel the old design into a new one while maintaining the old functionality and add new AI functionality to the customer’s needs. The aim of the project was to reduce the time needed to search and tag objects five times.


The human problem is that it is not easy to make a mistake. Therefore, thanks to the use of AI in the daily work of scientists, the product could bring real results. Thanks to the web application with the learning AI model, searching and suggesting articles has significantly reduced time. An advanced search engine allows better selection of results and product scaling.


Blue | Pink | Gray | Navy Gray | White


Paper, Figma



– 10 Client Sessions
– 20 User Stories based on AI Models
– Brainstorming & Sketches sessions
– Advanved Filter User Experience and User Interface
– Improved Tag adding model
– 10+ new Figma screens
– New great Experience in reading articles

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