Payment provider solution from Africa

Projects in which I helped clients resolved their challenges


A study by McKinsey shows than 800 million internet consumers who access the internet every day cannot make online payments because they are unbanked. Pago lets you pay online even if you do not have a bank account. Globally over 800 million people who access the internet cannot pay online or subscribe to services because they do not have banking or a convenient and safe alternative.


User Research, Personas, Brainstorming, User Stories
, User Flows, Wireframing, Visual Design, Testing.


Pago Industries, Inc. (Ireland)


The main challenge was to create a cooperative mobile application system for customers who can easily bypass banking transactions. The next step was to create a web application for controlling and settling payments.


The mobile application and intuitive web application verifying real-time transactions have created a sufficient instrument to bypass industry transactions and provide a full system for implementation in each country.


Orange | Gray | White


Paper, Figma, Instagram, Facebook


– 5 days Market Analysis & Reseach
– 40 User Stories tested with Client
– Hi-Fi Wireframes 40+ screens
– KYC Flow for new users
– Payment SMS verification
– 80+ new Figma screens
– Landing page and Social Media baners
– 20+ Clickable User Prototypes