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Projects in which I helped clients resolved their challenges


Routry allows users to browse through routes and stories visited places. This easy and intuitive planner allows you to add a planned route easily and modify it on a regular basis. An additional important function is a simple and pleasant interface that allows the user to add photos, descriptions of intermediate points and play the route step by step as it would be a real route.


Market Research, User Research, User Flows,
Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual Design, Miro-Interactions.


Routry (Japan)


The biggest challenge identified in the project by the Product Owner was to find the fastest and easiest way to add points. The complexity of the points was the ability to add up to 100 points to one route. User Experience and User Interface had to provide simple, quick navigation between points and adding more points.


An iOS application that will be implemented globally around the world will make it easier for travelers and those interested in the world to plan a route and recreate a 1: 1 route based on documentation and places previously visited. The application is meant to be pure social media for travelers who will share their routes with others. The AI model will be implemented in the applications, which will be able to prompt in the future how to plan interesting and effective routes.


Green | Gray | Dark Navy Blue | White


Paper, Figma, Storyboards, Flinto



– 4 days Market Analysis & Reseach
– 20 User Stories tested with Client
– Hi-Fi Wireframes 30+ screens
– New search model and fancy card lists
– 30+ new Figma screens
– 4 colors schema
– 20+ Clickable User Flows
– Micro-interactions for app states

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