50 Things I’ve learned in 2021

Figma Autolayout 3.0 – Life without

The first auto-layout version of Figma was great, but the design with Figma Autolayout 3.0 is much better. It’s easier to create a component for only one row first and multiple it as much as you need. Your design looks much better if you control only one master component with an auto-layout function. I believe it should speed up my work and create more consistency for all my components.

Even Google can fail

I remember the time of the first P2P Internet connection and Altavista, but I don’t remember a Google downtime. It was the first time when we had a chance to see a global downtime of Google servers and services in Europe. I felt like someone turned off the light and I needed to use candles. But what we can take from this issue? Nobody is perfect and you can’t design perfect services. It’s good to keep this in our minds and predict also empty states. It’s just good to fail …

Start with your vision and your passion

Nowadays designers concentrate a lot on coping with another designer and improving them instead of start being unique. Of course, taking inspiration is very important but it would be good to find yourself in your work and make you unique. So, don’t waste time and just be the fuck yourself! It doesn’t cost so much.

If you’re the best in the room, probably you have leave this place

Well, We are human and constantly have to grow. We look at the place where we can learn from different people. This is so important to find a place where we can meet smart people who can help us be better people at what we do. No matter who you are, if you’re reading this post right now, I would like to convince you to take an effort and think about your environment. Is there anyone from whom I can learn? If not, probably you’re in the wrong place.

Life is simple, but we humans just make it complicated

There is definitely some scientific rationale for that that I don’t know, but we over-complicate things that should be easy todo. This year, let’s try not to think about whether we should do something, just do it and strive for simplicity (also in design). Simple things are usually better accepted by others. This year I am trying to simplify my projects by asking myself the question: Can we make it easier? Will something happen if the user does not have all the functionalities we have assumed? Try to do the same and you will see that your life will get better.

Opportunity always exist

Opportunity is always around us, but not everyone is able to see it. To do this, you need to have an open mind and find inspiration. When we sit alone closed in our 4 walls, we are not able to see the opportunities that await us. You have to open up to the world and people and listen to what others have to say. Therefore, listen to others, read books, analyze, assume and validate your plans with others. It often turns out that a little pivot of an idea can turn into success.

Acting fast is more important than acting perfectly

When I look at some people, sometimes it feels like time doesn’t matter. Perfection is most important for them. Each of us would like his work to look great. Business, however, verifies such people. I think good designers understand the balance between excellence and business. That’s not easy but we should to improve forever.

If you need more time, you have to do less

Isn’t it easy? On the one hand, yes, on the other, no. There are consequences for every decision we make. Sometimes we work more and neglect our personal life, sometimes the other way around. Let’s do everything to have more time and use it for pleasure, time spent with family or study.

If you have a talent, the worst thing you can do is to play small

I believe that everyone has a talent for something. Many people do not abuse him because they feel comfortable. This is a big mistake. If you are reading this, I would like you to focus now on what you like to do and what you are good at. Go for it and aim high. Only in this way will you achieve even greater satisfaction.

When something works, react quickly. When something doesn’t work, react even faster

I see this problem in many startups. They do not want to verify what the market tells them. The founders wade into their blind vision. I just think that if I could recommend something to my clients, it would be this post. Measure your success and react decisively if you haven’t achieved your goals. If not you, your competition will do it for you.

Without self-confidence, there is no faith in other people.

Let’s not hide. You cannot be a good team leader if you do not believe in the success of the company and the people. Faith works wonders and motivates people to act. Each faith will find its fan. So let’s build our self-confidence and faith in the vision or change the company.

Use Frames more than Groups

Frames have more properties than groups, so you can do more with them. I knew about it from the beginning of Figma’s existence, but somehow it was easier to group. It takes some getting used to, but it’s worth it!

We can control our fears

Psychology is very interfering, we take many of our fears from our youth or inherit from our parents. However, we can control them. It was like that with me and also. But you know what? I overcame myself and became more courageous than I was before. Now the world is less able to surprise you. Try and be happier.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve done, but what you’ve done

Do you think you are effective? And yet you feel that time is slipping through your fingers? Research shows that over 80% of people procrastinate.
Time is over, when you think about it, you will find that you prefer to make the best of it.
Stop being lazy. Work.

Criticism is like a gift… makes our skills better

I don’t know about you, but it works for me. It makes me reflect. I don’t take offense and I definitely appreciate someone noticing me more than communicating it uncertainly. For example, my girlfriend hates criticism! She reacts defensively if someone criticizes her. However, there is nothing wrong with that. Allow yourself to hear any criticism and comments. Feel how you feel then. Make your own reflection and see how you handle it. This ability can be motivating and will allow you to be even better.

Saying NO is also a design skill

Have you ever really wanted to help a friend, acquaintance or family member and then regretted it? If not, let me tell you I had this problem. Over time, I have noticed that speaking is not very responsible. If you don’t feel something, don’t talk about it! Everyone will benefit from this.

Asking WHY is a design skill

After all, I already have almost 40 on my back and I still amaze myself both negatively and positively. What I understood this year is that I have not asked WHY enough. I thought this would show my unprofessionalism, and yet it was the other way around. The WHY question and clarification show our professionalism. Ask WHY at every turn.

What to do when you are out of inspiration?

No matter what you do, grab your favorite music video if you’re shooting music videos, pick up your favorite Dribbble project or find something you like and do it your way! Yes, my way. I assure you that inspiration and new ideas will come right away.

When you stand on the precipice, take one more step forward.

Of course, don’t do that if you really standing on real roof! But when you have a problem, don’t be afraid to move forward and act decisively when you have any issue. Do you think that Elon Musk or Steve Jobs would have gone down in history had it not been for their risky and desperate actions? Try to do this if this is a new experience and you will see a change in your life!

Sometimes I wish myself I could be an octopus, so I could slap 8 people at once

There are days when you are fed up with everything. I say I want to be an octopus. But then relief and empathy come. In each of us there is a little shadow child who dislikes certain things. However, we can limit such thoughts by controlling our condition and realizing that the shadow child wants to want you. Let him be dominated by a child of the sun who is understanding, cheerful and empathetic.

Your mistakes are repeatable. Use it in a smart way.

The best way to learn is to make a mistake and draw conclusions. Practice, mistakes, correction – this is the natural learning process. Understanding that it is good to learn and that it is good to make mistakes is a natural process of existence. Therefore, use it if history repeats itself.

Making the Simple thing difficult is not intelligence.

The best way to learn is to make a mistake and draw conclusions. Practice, mistakes, correction – this is the natural learning process. Understanding that it is good to learn and that it is good to make mistakes is a natural process of existence. Therefore, use it if history repeats itself.

Learn or die

I am less than 40 years old and whenever I watch a young person in action, I feel a bit of nostalgia and sadness. Not because I’m worn out, but because I can see how well they are doing. I come to the conclusion that you have to constantly learn not to be left behind. Therefore, learn when you have the moment and develop your passion.

Find own why

Our work is not always about meeting users’ expectations. It is also about your own development and for others to recognize your work. Instead of copying others, try to build and create your inner “Why” and smuggle them into your projects. Only then will your works be authentic.

Knowing yourself takes time and that’s OK

Plan, make baby steps, be proud of every accomplishment and one day you will be in this place. You just have to believe it and be consistent, and it will all come.

Don’t present your work as a task. Present it as easy to understanding story.

The more your stakeholders trust you, the quicker and easier your presentations will be going forward. Build trust and share and a logical and coherent presentation.

Encapsulation as an object-oriented thinking concept

Encapsulation is another key concept of object-oriented thinking. Objects should work independently, without little to no outside influence. Only nested objects should have some degree of dependency. From a UI point of view, this is useful to create more independently working UI components.
The concept of encapsulation helps to design enclosed UI components that scale independently.

When T-Shirt sizes is not enough

Sometimes a change of approach and imagination is enough. When you are building components or naming design tokens and missing values, you need to change your approach. Two new approaches:
S-50/100/200, M-100/200/300, L-100/200/300 or call them as animals.

When you don’t know what to do, put it off for later

Take a little distance from your work when you can’t find inspiration. Turn on the podcas and go for a walk to gain background and a new perspective. If it doesn’t, then leave it on and sleep on with it. New inspirations will come, you will see!

The more life experiences and decisions we make, the more we get to know ourselves.

Dear junior or senior, get as much experience as possible from life, even if it does not seem easy or attractive to you. The experience you acquire will help you make other decisions in the future.

The intention must go hand in hand with the goal

Let’s make it clear, intention and purpose are not the same thing. The goal is more specific. The intention is inside you. The goal must support the intention. Make sure both values go in one direction and give it a value.

Perfect is the enemy of done.

We always have to ask ourselves what is important to us. Getting the job done on time, but not well thought out? Or maybe spending a lot more time and doing the corrections until we’re satisfied. Most designers prefer perfectionism from my suppliers, but are we then able to launch a project at all?

We are harder on ourselves than on other people.

If a friend of yours came to you and told you he screwed up at work, I probably wouldn’t tell him that he is idiot and lazy. But somehow we are able to say such things in our minds. You would probably advise your friend on something, so maybe it is better to talk to yourself and advise yourself in the same way as for a friend?

When you work hard, you want to be nice around you.

It is important to bring positive emotions to the team and the project, it is so important. This is your image. It’s not always easy in private life, but let’s try to create a pleasant atmosphere.

A design system is never finished

It is a process that goes on forever as long as the product grows. Don’t promise to make a DS in 2 months because that’s just not true. Better make the client aware that this is a process that needs additional resources.

We are harder on ourselves than on other people.

If a friend of yours came to you and told you he screwed up at work, I probably wouldn’t tell him that he is idiot and lazy. But somehow we are able to say such things in our minds. You would probably advise your friend on something, so maybe it is better to talk to yourself and advise yourself in the same way as for a friend?

Design is not only UX, UI, Branding and design

It is also communication with the client, team and many other things. I used to think only about design from the perspective of something nice and useful. However, I know that the design itself is maybe 50%, the rest is communication. Let’s not check this against a lot of simple things.

There is still room for new designers / psychical economy is becoming dead.

Physical economy to digital economy boom is coming.
Many people think that it’s too crowded in our industry, but the fact is that we stand before Very wanna transform. I’m a friend of the internet from the ’90s, trust me and don’t be afraid.t

You create your creation every day.

What if I told you that we decide the fate of the universe, and it is not us? This would mean that we are responsible for our fate and that we can create every possible version of our life. Believe it and help yourself create your perfect world.

What is the meaning of Catch-22 situation?

Well, it’s very interesting situation which might be use in real life and also in tech industry. A Catch-22 is a situation where one is trapped by two contradictory conditions. It’s more generally used to refer to a paradox or dilemma. Example: to get a certain job, you need work experience. But to get that work experience, you need to have had a job. It’s a Catch-22.

Your diploma does not make you an expert.

Personally, I don’t even have a basic diploma, I quit my degree for 3 years but I don’t feel inferior. Unfortunately, I cannot do floor studies because I have not completed basic studies. However, I believe that I could teach students myself. I have good knowledge and technical experience appreciated by hundreds of people every year. This is why he gets 2-3 interesting job offers every week. People believe in me, people believe in my abilities and knowledge. Now please believe in yourself and do what you love!
The rest will follow.

Saying No is a Design skill, asking why is a Design skill

There is nothing bad in saying No to your colleagues, client or someone else. This is just a standard skill, but we people really afraid that someone else he/she will think badly about us that sometimes they are afraid to say no. What is this leading to? In addition, we feel bad at the end. It’s also a design skills, and design your new work-life balance.

There is a reason why you are born

Sometimes we act for no reason, it would be good to know why we do what we love. We need figure out what is our reason for the existence of an this planet. Focus on our passions, express highest version of yourself. I spent some time to figure out and I’m even more motivated. I would like to convince you to do the same.

Passion is energy, passion is what you feel

I believe that every one of us has a passion. Someone believes it and someone else does not. If you understand it you should appreciate it. If not you should define it. To define it think about the moment when you are incredibly passionate about something. If you see it, follow this energy and your enthusiast

Your mistakes are repeatable. Use it.

The best way to learn is to practice and make mistakes. Remind you about them and learn again. We are human, we make cycles like the whole universe. Try to understand patterns and avoid mistakes next time. History repeats itself. So use it smart.

The list is updated successively, it intends to fill it up by the end of 2021. (5 left)