100 Things I’ve learned in 2021

Figma Autolayout 3.0 – Life without

The first auto-layout version of Figma was great, but the design with Figma Autolayout 3.0 is much better. It’s easier to create a component for only one row first and multiple it as much as you need. Your design looks much better if you control only one master component with an auto-layout function. I believe it should speed up my work and create more consistency for all my components.

Even Google can fail

I remember the time of the first P2P Internet connection and Altavista, but I don’t remember a Google downtime. It was the first time when we had a chance to see a global downtime of Google servers and services in Europe. I felt like someone turned off the light and I needed to use candles. But what we can take from this issue? Nobody is perfect and you can’t design perfect services. It’s good to keep this in our minds and predict also empty states. It’s just good to fail …

Start with your vision and your passion

Nowadays designers concentrate a lot on coping with another designer and improving them instead of start being unique. Of course, taking inspiration is very important but it would be good to find yourself in your work and make you unique. So, don’t waste time and just be the fuck yourself! It doesn’t cost so much.

If you’re the best in the room, probably you have leave this place

Well, We are human and constantly have to grow. We look at the place where we can learn from different people. This is so important to find a place where we can meet smart people who can help us be better people at what we do. No matter who you are, if you’re reading this post right now, I would like to convince you to take an effort and think about your environment. Is there anyone from whom I can learn? If not, probably you’re in the wrong place.

Life is simple, but we humans just make it complicated

There is definitely some scientific rationale for that that I don’t know, but we over-complicate things that should be easy todo. This year, let’s try not to think about whether we should do something, just do it and strive for simplicity (also in design). Simple things are usually better accepted by others. This year I am trying to simplify my projects by asking myself the question: Can we make it easier? Will something happen if the user does not have all the functionalities we have assumed? Try to do the same and you will see that your life will get better.

Opportunity always exist

Opportunity is always around us, but not everyone is able to see it. To do this, you need to have an open mind and find inspiration. When we sit alone closed in our 4 walls, we are not able to see the opportunities that await us. You have to open up to the world and people and listen to what others have to say. Therefore, listen to others, read books, analyze, assume and validate your plans with others. It often turns out that a little pivot of an idea can turn into success.

The list is updated successively, it intends to fill it up by the end of 2021.